Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Thu, 20-Sep-2018 3:59am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
4 mi ESE of Wofford Heights, CA 2.0 000270168 mi 1537368447Wed, 19-Sep-2018 2:47pm map
8 mi W of Malibu, CA 2.9 000233145 mi 1537345062Wed, 19-Sep-2018 8:17am map
24 mi SW of Rosarito, B.C., MX 2.1 000215134 mi 1537312434Tue, 18-Sep-2018 11:13pm map
1 mi SSW of Big Bear Lake, CA 2.5 00006037 mi 1537277588Tue, 18-Sep-2018 1:33pm map
12 mi SW of Primm, NV 2.1 000196122 mi 1537276578Tue, 18-Sep-2018 1:16pm map
1 mi SSW of Big Bear Lake, CA 2.4 00006037 mi 1537262550Tue, 18-Sep-2018 9:22am map
9 mi SSW of Estacion Coahuila, B.C., MX 2.2 000240149 mi 1537259467Tue, 18-Sep-2018 8:31am map
6 mi WNW of Alberto Oviedo Mota, B.C., MX 2.6 000210130 mi 1537214727Mon, 17-Sep-2018 8:05pm map
3 mi SW of Delta, B.C., MX 3.1 000206128 mi 1537204023Mon, 17-Sep-2018 5:07pm map
2 mi SW of Delta, B.C., MX 2.6 000205128 mi 1537203996Mon, 17-Sep-2018 5:06pm map
5 mi NW of Delta, B.C., MX 2.8 000197122 mi 1537202484Mon, 17-Sep-2018 4:41pm map
2 mi W of Julian, CA 2.2 00009056 mi 1537181920Mon, 17-Sep-2018 10:58am map
4 mi E of Puebla, B.C., MX 2.0 000181112 mi 1537104124Sun, 16-Sep-2018 1:22pm map
9 mi SE of Puebla, B.C., MX 2.0 000190118 mi 1537103966Sun, 16-Sep-2018 1:19pm map
6 mi SE of Puebla, B.C., MX 2.1 000185115 mi 1537080669Sun, 16-Sep-2018 6:51am map
1 mi SSW of Big Bear Lake, CA 2.4 00006037 mi 1537076321Sun, 16-Sep-2018 5:38am map
1 mi NNE of Lake Henshaw, CA 3.0 00007546 mi 1537069050Sun, 16-Sep-2018 3:37am map
11 mi SE of Bodfish, CA 2.1 000251156 mi 1537062374Sun, 16-Sep-2018 1:46am map
11 mi SE of Bodfish, CA 2.7 000251156 mi 1537061975Sun, 16-Sep-2018 1:39am map
9 mi NW of Fallbrook, CA 2.0 00009861 mi 1537016645Sat, 15-Sep-2018 1:04pm map
6 mi WSW of Morongo Valley, CA 2.0 00002717 mi 1536973847Sat, 15-Sep-2018 1:10am map
7 mi S of Salton City, CA 2.8 00008855 mi 1536937926Fri, 14-Sep-2018 3:12pm map
10 mi ESE of Maneadero, B.C., MX 2.1 000246153 mi 1536896846Fri, 14-Sep-2018 3:47am map
5 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.1 00005534 mi 1536870057Thu, 13-Sep-2018 8:20pm map
8 mi E of Ocotillo Wells, CA 2.3 00008955 mi 1536838763Thu, 13-Sep-2018 11:39am map

25 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.